"Working Towards a Greater World with a Degree in Architecture"

An Architecture Program can be your stepping stone to transforming the world. Architecture adds beauty to the world while providing a service or purpose. Architecture skills can include the conceptualization, architecture and design of buildings and landscapes as well as construction management and landscaping. Your creativity and hard work can be the art of the world. In architecture, the artist is able to literally build their dreams.

Architecture is important because it builds the places where we live, work, play, eat, learn and worship. Additionally, architecture is needed for the refurbishment or improvement of older structures. These examples are just the indoor structures. Architecture is also responsible for outer buildings such as pavilions and gazebos. All of these places are just a small scale representation of the importance of architecture. Architecture is also responsible for the layout of towns and roads. Our everyday lives are dependent upon the design of our surroundings. Completing an architecture program is one stepping stone to providing a safe and beautiful environment for the world to enjoy.

Some of the skills you will learn in an Architecture Program:

  • Design and development
  • Verbal, written and visual communication
  • Problem solving
  • Analysis and research
  • Implementing your creativity
  • Knowledge of the construction industry
  • Negotiation skills with clients and co-workers
  • The ability to combine aesthetics and utility

An architecture program can guide you through the steps needed to reach completion of your personal goals, giving you an advantage in your desired architectural field. There are many career options available, in multiple environmental settings. For example, jobs can span from conceptualization to design, and then to construction. Careers can span from areas such as parks and recreation up to government positions. An architecture program can allow for more choices and greater flexibility in life.

Potential career choices:

  • Architect
  • Structural engineer
  • Regional planner
  • Urban planner
  • Project manager
  • Facility manager
  • Preservationist
  • Landscape architect
  • Construction business owner or employee
  • Draftsman

When completing an architecture program you will have the ability to improve the quality and safety of the world around us. You will have the ability to perform a service while being creative and doing something you love. The world needs to have good architects to make the world a better place. Architecture is a career to be proud of.