What Is the Significance of the Fort Saybrook Monument Park?

The Fort Saybrook Monument Park is yet another historical landmark found in Old Saybrook. In fact, the town has 15 National Register historical landmarks still in existence. This is a town that dates back to the 1600s. It has been inhabited by American Indians, English colonialists and even Dutch explorers.

The Fort Saybrook Monument Park offers 18 acres of woods. In addition to a nice walk, the park also provides storyboards that walk you around the history of the town. The park contains the remains of the original Fort Saybrook. This was the very first military fortification in Connecticut. There are storyboards that explain and show the history of the Saybrook colonies, as well as the river. This is where Nehantic Indians once settled, and they even named the village Pashebeshauke. The name Pashebeshauke translates to “the place at the river's mouth.”

The Fort Saybrook Monument Park Association was founded in 1980. Not only did they want to present a park to the tourists and residents of Old Saybrook, but they also wanted to create a learning experience. Thanks to funds donated to the park, the association has continued to set up exhibits and various landscaping features. In the past, there have even been archaeology digs with professors of local colleges. Some artifacts of old communities have survived to this very day.

Recently, Old Saybrook has purchased property next to the park, which will allow the community to move the park area all the way to the tip of Saybrook Point. This is indeed a happy day for history buffs and residents of Old Saybrook that appreciate their town’s heritage. The address for the park is Saybrook Point Rte. 154 in Old Saybrook, CT 06475. The telephone number is (860) 395-3152. As always, admission to the park and the historical monument is free.