Trade Show Tips: The perfect booth display

There are many things to consider when setting up trade show booths.  In order to make sure the booth is attracting a large amount of traffic with a great booth display, consider the following.


Setting up a booth requires dedicated time and creative effort.  Ensure the booth stands out when people walk by.  What is inviting them in?  Are there bright, full, organized balloon arches or columns?  Does it have an open feel to it?  Using a color scheme is an attractive easy step to take by setting up the same color balloons or banners.  Display the company logos and colors to signify unity and show potential customers that it all belongs together.  Is there easy to read informative signs or merchandise to sample?

Foot Traffic:

When people enter the booth, is there a natural flow of foot traffic?  Or is there a cluster of people unable to get out of the booth or see all the merchandise?  Do the tables or equipment guide them around to see all the items on display?  Perhaps the company does not want them in the booth, but just on the out skirts to prevent theft and the center of the tables is a monitoring employee.  Another idea to consider is a spin to win drawing.  Is there enough room for a line to form and work its way around the booth?  If so, then have the podium – drawing container a few feet from the wheel.  Then when they are entering their contact information into the container waiting for their turn, they will also be looking at the booth and all the company has to offer.

Clutter Free:

Cleaning up the booth on a regular basis and straightening, dusting or re-stocking displays is crucial in minimizing any confusion or boredom.  At a trade show, customers may be browsing looking for an exciting booth to enter and will only look at your booth for 1 - 5 seconds when walking by.  Does the booth have a pizzazz that the neighboring ones do not have?  When employees eat or have beverages at the show are those items tucked neatly in a hidden area?  How are the employees dressed for the show, is there a specific dress code?  Staff should attend the event in their nicest uniform or business attire and be well groomed.

Customer Service:

Staffing the booth for the show is vitally important.  Consider using the employees that are available and not afraid to approach potential customers by saying hello, offering to chat about an item, or making general appropriate conversation to draw them in.  Working a trade show can grow tiresome.  There is a large amount of standing, smiling and straight posture.  Do the employees that are there understand they should look and act their best the entire time?  That they are constantly on “stage” and should put their best foot forward for their whole shift?  An approved organized schedule would help minimize any confusion about when staff should be there and what their duties will be.

Invite Back or Have a Reason To Call Them: 

Potential customers are like a gold mine, but having them walk into the booth then leave with no future chance to contact them is a missed opportunity.  Drawings are a great way to collect names, phone numbers, addresses and email information.  There could be a grand prize winner and then everyone else will get a nice coupon just for attending.  Or the company could offer something specific from the business being advertised.