Tips on How to Give Pre Employment Testing

Whether you’ve used pre employment testing in the past to hire potential job applicants or you are just hearing about the practice there are important things to keep in mind if you decide to utilize the tests for your hiring process. Testing is a good tool for companies to use when they want to narrow down the hiring pool to hire employees who will be successful in their organization. Some people wonder if pre employment testing is legal. It is legal, but there are certain things to keep in mind when you test job applicants. Below are tips on how to correctly administer pre employment job testing.

1. Employers should always make sure that the tests they give all job applicants are non-discriminatory. This means that tests should not distinguish against an applicant’s race, sex, place of origin, age, religion, or disabilities. Since legal action can be taken against companies that discriminate while giving any type of test before hiring, it is important that companies follow this tip at all times.

2. Tests should always be kept up-to-date and should be created according to the job that applicants are testing for. If a test has nothing to do with a job, then it should not be administered. Although this seems self-explanatory, it can be easy to give a test that is dated, especially if the job description and tasks have been recently updated. Unfortunately, not only is it wrong to give a test that is not related to the job at hand, but it also doesn’t help the employer when they make their final decision on who to hire.

3. Managers who test potential employees should make sure that they, or someone else at the company, are familiar with how to give the test and how to read the results once the applicant has taken the test. If there is no one at the company who is available, there are third party testing companies available who have their own tests that will readily work in helping a company find a good employee match.

Pre employment testing is a great tool for any organization that is looking to start the hiring process. Companies can often have a hard time finding an employee who will bring the necessary skills needed to do the job well. However, utilizing these types of tests can make it easier for employers to hire the right person as long as they administer the test correctly each time.