The Price You Pay for a Palo Alto Solar Energy Installation

Perhaps you have heard it said that you could save a lot of money when you invest in solar panels.  And it’s true that whenever you opt for a Palo Alto solar energy installation from a local provider, you can save a lot of money in electricity bills.  This is because solar energy is practically free, besides a few expenses related to the solar panels.  Compared to fossil fuel production, you stand to save a lot of money over the long-term.

However, what about the short-term investment?  Yes, Palo Alto solar panels are not cheap.  These are high quality packages of solar powered panels, and they are marvels of science.  A cheap package would hardly provide enough energy for you to use.  So naturally these do cost money.  How much are we talking?

It really depends on what category of Palo Alto solar energy installation you are looking for.  For example, prices can be based on your buying small quantities of panels, or mid-range, or large quantity.  Evidence suggests that over the long-term there is a major reduction in the price of cells and modules, as well as in monthly electricity bills.  In fact, just tracing the price over the last three decades shows the price drop.  The quantity cost per watt was once over $150 and dropped to less than $5 in recent years. 

How much does a Palo Alto solar energy installation cost?  It really depends on the setup you choose.  Some small packages can sell for as little as $200 online.  However, full home installations have the potential to run over $20,000.  The price also depends on whether you buy or lease these assemblies of panels.  Factors involved in installation costs include various issues such as RMI, BoS elements and the cost of non-micro inverter panels.   

The good news is that there has been great innovation reported in the solar panels of today.  We have actually moved beyond photon voltaic techniques, and are exploring Advanced Solar Collector technology.  The panels themselves are progressing in design and are now harnessing more of the sun’s rays directly without extra processes. 

How powerful is solar energy?  Think of it this way: we could power up the entire United States of America using only a fraction of a state’s land.  In fact, it’s safe to assume we will never run out of natural resources.  Why not talk to a producer and installer of these devices?  Invest in superior technology and reap the benefits!