Taking Good Care of Your Urinary Catheter

While using a urinary catheter might make some people feel a bit of discomfort, one cannot overlook the wonderful benefits of using these medical devices. For those who have lost some of their bladder control, this can be an effective means of managing their incontinence issues without having to use any type of diaper or special underwear. For those who have been hospitalized, this device will ensure that you are able to empty your bladder of urine waste to prevent illness and infection from taking place. It is important to make sure that you take good care of your catheter when you use it to help avoid getting bad infections and other problems.

One of the first things you need to do when you are taking care of your urinary catheter is to scrub your hands with antibacterial soap. You might think this sounds a bit paranoid, but the truth of the matter is that germs are on every surface that is touched by human hands. This device is more than likely going into your body, and if you do not properly sterilize your hands, it can lead to a nasty illness. Use very warm water and scrub your hands with the soap for half a minute, both backs and palms.

You will want to take a soft washcloth and get it damp with water from the tap. Place a bar of soap inside the washcloth and get it soapy. Apply the washcloth to the skin and around the tubing of the urinary catheter. Make sure that you wash away from the opening of the tubing. Make sure that any urine or blood near the opening of the catheter is washed away.

You will now want to begin preparing your body for the insertion of the urinary catheter. This means that you will need a clean washcloth that is soapy, wet, and warm. You will apply this to your genitals and wash the area thoroughly. Once the area is clean, it will be prepared for the insertion process.
Another important part of caring for a catheter is caring for the bags where the urine is actually stored.

There are many cleaning tips for this available in medical news publications online. It is also recommended that you do not leave the urine bag on the floor at any time. Make sure that when you are sleeping, it is stored on a hook above the floor attached to the bed.