Spa Equip Trends

You might have all the spa essentials such as quality massage tables and comfortable massage chairs already in place at your spa.  The next step in enhancing your business is to take advantage of some of the newest spa equip trends, which will enable you to increase your menu of services while enhancing the customer experience and while increasing your bottom line.  With countless new options as well as many improved options, spa equipment is now better than ever.  Let's take a look at some of the many trends in spa equip that are available today.

Hydrocollator Units and Accessories

You might think of the hydrocollator as an old fashioned piece of spa equipment, but the fact is, new designs offer energy savings as well as smaller footprints, so no matter how small a treatment area you have available, you can add a newly designed hydrocollator to your equipment list.  New hydrocollator packs are reusable, as they fit inside terrycloth covers, and with an efficient hydrocollator unit, you'll be able to offer your clients deep moist heat treatments that soothe and relax.  No room in your treatment area or budget for one of these machines?  Try a hot towel cabinet instead.  Available in diminutive sizes, these cabinets let you offer a soothing touch clients are certain to appreciate.

Esthetic Equipment

From facial machines to new lamps and sanitizers with modern, streamlined designs, esthetic equipment is a spa equip necessity.  Single function facial machines, eight function facial machines, and even training DVDs can help you increase customer satisfaction.

Multi-function Massage and Treatment Chairs and Tables

Take a look at some of the newest massage and treatment chairs on the market, and you'll be amazed at the options that are available.  While it is still possible to get a simple, streamlined massage table or massage chair that you can take on the road with you or set up in any space, the newest spa equip massage and treatment chairs and tables offer interesting options. These include things like built in storage space, hydraulic lift systems that allow you to work in perfect comfort, and much more. 

Other spa equip essentials include stools and storage carts, heated lotion dispensers, and even music downloads you can listen to before making the decision to purchase.  Aromatherapy essentials, natural lotions and body scrubs, manicure and pedicure supplies, and even disposable apparel for your clients can help you to create the perfect atmosphere for a premium customer experience that wins repeats and referrals.