Seven Reasons to Begin Your Career as a Nurse

So you've been looking to become a nurse but haven't made the final push towards continuing your education and taking up the career. There has never been a better time to begin this new and exciting career, and although you should always look for a career you enjoy, there are many other reasons why this is such an effective and desirable path to choose. The following seven reasons are why you need to begin your career as a nurse.

1. Universal

With many specialized jobs, you are required to own special equipment and hardware. This ranges from an IT professional to working in a garage. Most jobs just require specific equipment. As a nurse, you don't need to worry about any of this. You are universal in your service, which allows you greater flexibility and you don't have to buy unnecessary equipment. You use the equipment at the hospital or doctor's office.

2. Free Medical Advice

Odds are you probably know friends and relatives who every time someone comes down with a cold or flu-like symptom are always taking their children or themselves to the doctor. You don't need to do this because you already have medical experience and background, allowing you to work directly with your children and avoid visiting the doctor when you or your family members don't truly need to. Of course if it is something more serious you can always pick the doctor's brain or someone with their online RN to BSN degree. Few other individuals are given that sort of medical access.

3. Work Anywhere

If you want to move or just want to see different parts of the world you are able to do so with a nursing degree. A registered nurse can work in any state, and although you might have to obtain certification in a new state the general guidelines and requirements are all the same. If you're looking to work overseas you need to know and comprehend the metric system though.

4. Change Your Specialty

So you are looking to change up your type of work? Nurses are able to do this, without looking at a completely different career. As a nurse you can work in a family practice, pediatrics, trauma or just about any other area of medicine. Nurses are needed everywhere and with just about any kind of medical service, so you are able to switch it up and do just about anything you desire. 

5. Meet New People

As a nurse you never really know who you are going to meet. This keeps everything interesting.

6. Make a Difference in Lives

While doctors receive most of the credit, you as a nurse are the one who interacts with the patients on a personal level, helping patients along and they are usually ever grateful for your assistance. 

7. Flexible Schedule

You can work anywhere from four to 12 hour shifts (or longer). This way you can get all of your work done and out of the way in only a few days, giving you more continual time with your family.