Palo Alto Solar Energy Systems Provide Clean and Affordable Electricity

Palo Alto residents who are searching for an alternative to expensive, nonrenewable conventional energy will benefit from looking into Palo Alto solar energy systems. Unlike fossil fuel energy sources, electricity produced from the sun’s energy does not release pollutants into the air. Homeowners or businesses that install Palo Alto solar energy systems can also rest assured knowing that their monthly utility bills are not subject to dramatic increases. In fact, a solar system that meets all of your home’s electricity needs will result in zero electricity bills.

There is a variety of solar financial incentives available to US residents depending on where they live in the country. California residents are particularly fortunate in that there are many local and state rebates that can be used in conjunction with the Federal Solar Tax Credit. As a result, many residents are happy to discover that they can afford a more extensive Palo Alto residential solar system than they first thought. This has allowed many Californians to go completely off of their local utility grid or to depend quite a bit less on utility-produced electricity.

By relying on traditional electricity providers, homeowners pay for the costs of extracting coal, natural gas, or oil. The cost of refining these finite sources of energy in addition to transportation and conversion costs are also factored into the overall cost of traditional electricity sources. As anyone who lived in the state during the California electricity crisis knows, electricity prices can also fluctuate dramatically based on market manipulations and other factors that you cannot predict. Palo Alto solar energy systems offer an alternative and reliable way to hedge against rising energy costs.

Setting up a consultation with a Verengo Solar expert will give you a better idea of how much a solar energy system will cost based on your home’s energy needs. Your system can be tailored to your budget and to your energy goals. For instance, if you would like to install a system that only heats your water, a solar professional will provide the most cost-effective solution for doing this. If you would like to completely transform your home to be 100% energy independent, a solar professional will come out to your home to determine what type of system you will need and how to install it in a way that optimizes the amount of electricity it produces. No matter how modest or extensive you’d like your solar system to be, seeking the guidance of a professional in solar technology and installation will help you to get the most for your money.