Nurses in the Maternity Ward - What are they Doing?

The nursing profession is such a decent one, a profession that gives a helping hand to doctors in their duties to improve and save lives. A nurse is also always one of the first witnesses of the coming of a new life, a baby, to the world. What honor these practitioners have.

As you may know, doctors have different areas of specialization. But did you know that nurses do as well? Yes, for your information, nurses also specialize in the various areas of medicines, just like doctors. This is to empower them to be able to better lend a helping hand to doctors in their field of choice.  There are three categories of nurses if we look at it from the angle of the broad area of work.

First, there are those nurses who operate in the critical care sections of a hospital. Those are nurses who work in the emergency room, cardiac care unit, cardiothoracic ICU, Pediatric ICU and other similar areas.

Another category is nurses whose work is not done at the bedside at all. This category includes forensic nurses, lactation consultants and informatics nurses among others.

The last category is where you will find nurses working in hospital areas, like non-ICU nurses who operate as haemodialysis nurses, nursery nurses, obstetrics or labor and delivery nurses among others. All these various type of nurses are expected to come to work neat and in a prescribed uniform according to their area of work. It is well known that Cherokee uniforms are among the best and that’s why many nurses wear them every day.

In the Maternity Ward
There is some specific interest in those nurses who work with women, especially pregnant women at the place of delivery, the maternity ward. Let us take a look at what they do.

The itinerary of an obstetrics and gynecology nurse, as they are called, mostly surrounds the care of women in labor, childbirth and in recovery. The nurse has the responsibility to educate and care for a new mother and her baby. These nurses have to be extremely patient while explaining what the medical procedures and care for a new life is to the new mother. These nurses can usually be seen wearing just the usual Cherokee uniforms with no extras: a nice, simple and efficient outfit. 

In her role as a doctor’s assistant in the delivery of a baby, the nurse is expected to make available all the equipment that the doctor will need in the delivery process. She is to ensure that the delivery room is kept clean and organized and attend to the routine care needed by a woman in labor, so that the doctor or midwife can be allowed to concentrate on bringing the new baby to life safely.

In performing these roles in the delivery room, it is more than advisable to have more than one person attending because this is a place where they are needed and unpredictably is higher. The appearance of a nurse in the delivery room will include the regular uniforms as well as a sterile hat, gown and gloves after a thorough washing of any area that will be uncovered, especially the hands.

So, this is what nurses in the maternity ward do. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?