List of Cable Channels on the Internet

List of Cable Channels on the Internet

For anyone looking for a new Internet and Cable provider, there are many choices available depending on the area one calls home.

Television has come a long way from the days of the big three networks (and little else) in the 1970’s. With hundreds of channels, many in HD, and digital downloads, there are a multitude of entertainment choices today.

More and more, Internet-connected televisions are available with live programming streaming into the television sets. Streaming has never been so easy. With thousands of choices, cable TV companies offer the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows so you don’t miss a crucial episode or season finale. The latest Hollywood blockbusters and independent movies are also available through online streaming.

Access to the latest Hollywood blockbusters, independent movies and TV shows on demand has never been easier. There is convenience in watching favorite shows at home or on the road. Users can control when and what they watch and organize their schedules accordingly.

TV apps also allow viewers the option to schedule a program on a DVR away from home. Through this app, one can watch an On Demand movie or show your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

The link between traditional television in the living room and on the computer is blurring as technology gets faster. Time Warner Cable and Comcast are the two biggest companies offering digital entertainment on the Internet but certainly not the only game in town.

Time Warner Cable’s basic cable package starts at $39.99 a month for over 200 channels and HD programming. TWC also offers a bundle deal starting at $99 that includes digital TV with many HD channels, their Road Runner Broadband Internet service, and unlimited nationwide telephone service.

Starting at $29.99 a month, Comcast’s Xfinity offers more than 80 digital TV channels, thousands of On Demand movies and TV shows and 45 commercial-free music channels. Xfinity offers a bundle deal that combines not only the high-definition cable but also high speed Internet and a national telephone service. For all three, the price starts at $99 a month for 12 months and features Internet speeds much faster than DSL and an unlimited nationwide calling plan.

Cablevision, Cox Communications, Cable One, Charter Communications, Mediacom and RCN are other options available. More regional companies are sprouting out all over the country. For example, WOW! is available in HDTV in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus and Evansville. WOW! offers digital channels, access to video on demand, digital music, and 13 commercial-free movie channels from Starz.