How To Save Thousands With A Used Car Warranty

How To Save Thousands With A Used Car Warranty

Many people like to save some money by purchasing off lease or used cars. Many of these cars are in near new condition, yet cost a fraction of what they go for brand new. However, many of these vehicles only come with a limited warranty. It costs hundreds, and sometime thousands to repair the modern automobile. The answer to this problem is to invest in a third-party used auto warranty.

The best warranty company in the business, Warranty Nation enjoys an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and is well known for their prompt handling of customer claims. In addition, every single one of their service plans pays covered repairs directly to the repair center. This ensures you avoid paying out a huge out of pocket expense simply to repair your vehicle. While the average car dealer only offers one standard extended warranty, this company gives you four robust choices designed to be cost effective and give you peace of mind.

The four choices are bumper to bumper, comprehensive, power train and vehicle product warranties. As the name implies bumper to bumper plans cover virtually all repairs except oil changes. Plus, you are offered free towing, rental car and trip reimbursement if your car breaks down and are over 100 miles away home. This warranty is designed to give you the most complete protection possible. Folks who rack up high miles on their cars will save thousands in car repairs by choosing this plan. This is also a great plan to have if you are on a family vacation and get stranded in another state, especially if children are with you.

The comprehensive service plan is a robust middle of the road warranty that offers major repair protection that includes air conditioning, alternator, starter, fuels systems, water pump, and transmission. Even drivers who only drive around town can benefit from power train warranties. This plan covers axels, 4x4, water pump, and the transmission. These repairs are among the most expensive and this warranty protects you from paying excessive amounts for these repairs. The vehicle product service plan covers all major areas of the car that are lubricated.

To conclude, many people buy off lease or used cars in an effort to save money. Many of these cars are in great condition. However, many lack adequate warranty coverage in the event an expensive major repair is required. Obtaining a used car warranty just makes sense, and could save you thousands of dollars in car repairs.