How a Paragon Facial Steamer Benefits Your Practice

Do you provide esthetic services for your clients? Whether you offer beauty treatments or holistic skin care options, you know that steam is an important part of giving your clients the healthful, beautiful skin they want and deserve. Using a Paragon facial steamer can help you do just that. What does this steamer offer and how can it benefit your practice?

Excellent Control

You’ll find that this steamer features a digital control panel that lets you control every aspect of your patient’s steam treatment. Where older style analog controls or simple on/off control mechanisms allow you to provide “ok” service, the digital control panel on this model offers immense control over your treatment, which is something that your clients will certainly notice. The Paragon facial steamer also offers an ozone function, as well as a full half-hour timer. There’s also a glass jar with a fully enclosed burn guard for greater safety.

Portability and Adjustability

Many spas and treatment facilities make use of tabletop steamers. These work well for their intended uses, but they’re a bit limited in terms of movability. The Paragon facial steamer offers a heavy-duty roller stand, ensuring that you are able to move it wherever you need it easily. In addition to easy movability, you’ll find that the built-in height adjustment feature ensures that you are able to provide the perfect arrangement for your clients, whether they prefer to be sitting up, lying back, or whatever their physical height might be.

Where to Buy

Now that you can see just how the features of the Paragon facial steamer can help you, you’ll need to put some thought into where you’ll buy this device. Perhaps the best option is to shop online with a trusted medical resource. Buying online ensures several benefits, including the ability to order at any time of day or night (which is not something you’ll find with local retailers who stick to standard business hours).

Another thing to look for in a reputable provider is a reputation for providing the best possible prices, along with excellent customer service. The final price is an important consideration, but consider shopping with a company that offers shipping within 48 hours of ordering as well as one that offers free shipping on items over a specific dollar amount (which can help you save big bucks when ordering something like a facial steamer).