Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion

For some reason, the first thought many people now have when hearing about investing or collecting gold is gold coins. This was not always the case, as gold bars used to be the prevailing thought. Now, however, the rare coin craze has taken over the public opinion because of rare cases where rare coins are discovered and turned into large sums of money. While these cases are certainly true, and while collecting coins is not a bad practice, the act of investing in gold is still usually best served by investing in gold bullion, not just gold coins.

The Case for Gold Bars

Gold bullion bars of at least .995 fine purity and 10 oz. are the standard industry unit. These are the bars traditionally (and most commonly) used for trading, buying and selling, storage, and even personal deliveries. Their standard size and weight makes them easy to certify and authenticate, and it also makes them easy to be guaranteed to have their stated value. This is unlike coins, which are not nearly as durable and can vary from coin to coin, depending on condition. Each of these gold bars is also hallmarked to ensure their authenticity, weight, and purity.

The Kilobar

The kilobar is a one kilogram gold which is made of .999 pure gold bullion. These gold bars are 32.15 troy oz., and they just like the 10 oz. gold bars, are also certified and stamped with hallmarks to ensure their authenticity.

The Ignot

Theingott is a 10 oz. gold bullion bar with a purity of .9999, one of the purest gold bars available to gold investors and collectors today.

The Case Against Coins

While investing in coins is still a valuable practice, especially if investing and collecting as a dual practice, there is a downside to investing via coins. While coins always possess the ability to become rare - and thus much more valuable - as a result of their weakness, they are also much more prone to depreciate in worth. Most coins are not nearly as durable as gold bars, and thus their value can sometimes decrease as the quality of the coin wears. Gold bars are the standard for traders and investors in the industry, as their value can be more accurately determined (and retained). So, while coins are also sometimes a valuable vehicle for investing, they also pose more of a risk than the gold bullion bars do.