Finger Weights Can Help Patients with Muscle Weakness


Therapists have a variety of tools available to treat patients with weak muscles. This may include common equipment like the treadmill, or different sized weights and exercise bands. Finger weights are excellent devices used to strengthen the fingers and hands. Therapists often use these to treat different conditions and patients have gotten lasting results from their use.

Therapy using finger weights can be done in the home or in the office. They are easy to apply and patients can exercise their weakened muscles any time of the day. The weights are effective in treating patients with carpal tunnel, tendonitis and certain forms of arthritis. Both occupational and physical therapists are known to recommend this for their patients.

The treadmill is often used to exercise the muscles for patients with lower extremity weakness. This is a convenient form of treatment, as it can also be continued at the patient's home. It is important to follow the therapist’s instructions during off-site treatments to reduce the risk of further damaging weakened muscles.

Hand weights are great way to build strength and to rehabilitate the muscles. Depending on the severity of the damage, therapists may recommend patients start with smaller 3-pound weights and gradually increase the weight as their condition improves. This can also be done at home, and is inexpensive for the patient. Hand weights and finger weights are ideal for treating upper extremity weakness.

People that experience weakness but have not yet seen a physician should first get a professional recommendation. While it may seem that your muscle weakness can be easily resolved by using a few small rehabilitation tools, you may need more targeted treatment. Only a doctor or therapist can give you the proper diagnosis and treatment for muscle weakness.

There are several different places that offer retail rehabilitation supplies. This includes finger weights, hand weights and other types of devices used to strengthen the upper extremities. It will be best to purchase these materials from a supplier that specializes in rehabilitation so that they can answer any questions that may arise. Your therapist should be able to order most of the supplies for you, but if you prefer to do this yourself, they could recommend a good supplier.

Whether you have finger weights or other rehab tools, using them in accordance with your therapist instructions is very important. You can research this information more on a reliable medical site.