Exploring Why ESXi Backup PHD Is Best in Class

ESXi is the latest offering from VMware that allows virtualization options for servers right on the bottom layer. This is called “bare-metal” in the industry. It needs no Linux or Windows running underneath to function as a hypervisor. This technology is about as bleeding-edge as it comes and many enterprises are currently enjoying everything that it has to offer. However, there are some features that need plugins to get the best product imaginable. One of the best and most used is the ESXi backup PHD offers. Reliable backup has never been easier than with this tool that allows you to do so much more than is built into the virtual machines and the hypervisor itself.

Some of the most unique features that the ESXi backup PHD offers include the TrueDedupe technology that gives so much savings in terms of storage capacity and the strain on the network. It does this through the use of source side data depublication. In essence, it checks all the files and only copies the things that it has to in order to make a full backup. It is a “smart” solution that works smarter instead of harder. Optimized backup storage is usually expensive but it is built into the offering from PHD and is a really benefit to the customer.

The core of the ESXi backup PHD has is the Virtual Backup Appliance. It is the best solution in its product category. It can dedupe across all the virtual machines instead of simply against a template like the competition. Using templates simply doesn’t give you enough data reduction that is available with something like the VBA.

Another advantage is its ability to block level deduplication instead of file level deduplication. What that means in plain terms is that the smallest redundant data with a file level system is the file size itself. The virtual backup appliance can do much better than that by eliminating the small chunks of data that are smaller than the file size.

On top of it all, it runs with no footprint on the server. This is a much different system that something that needs patches, its own server, and an operating system.

The ESXi backup PHD provides is truly the greatest available to the consumer. It offers many options simply not present among its competition and allows the end user the greatest ease of use and most cost savings in its class.