Everybody Wants Gold Bars

Everybody wants gold bars for his/her collection, including those who are short on cash.  Indeed, the Salvation Army actually received two gold bars from an anonymous gift giver.  Local news stations in Kansas City, Missouri reported that someone “dropped two gold bars in area collection kettles over the weekend,” including a “ten-gram gold bar worth $800.”  The other bar was five grams, and worth about $400.  Think that’s some Christmas-New Year’s giving?  How about the donor who put a diamond in the kettle, a rock worth at least $2,000?  The year was a great year for gift giving, and hopefully, more people will donate gold to charity in the upcoming year.

Yes, giving gold is perhaps the best thing you can do when it comes to charity work, since gold is universally accepted and valuable all over the world.  Gold is available not only in bullion bar state, and bullion coin state, but also in the form of collectable coins.  Nevertheless, many collectors actually prefer handling bars, either on-site or through an offshore bank.  Of course, it makes more sense to hold the bars on property, definitely hidden in a safe.  Offshore banks can’t really guarantee protection and don’t actually send you anything except a certificate stating how much metal you own in their total supply.

Bars are available in multiple forms, including cast and minted bars.  This metal is measured in grams and kilograms, such as the one tonne bar, the one tonne kilogram bar and one tola or tael.  How much does it cost to buy gold in 2012?  Gold by the ounce is actually more expensive than platinum at the moment, reaching over $1,600 PTO.  Though gold bars and coins do come in smaller sizes, this still doesn’t make gold affordable to low-income families.  Hence, it is considered an investment metal, not only for its rarity and exceptional value, but also for its universal acceptance. 

In fact, gold is actually a metal that accelerates during recession.  (It was once so valuable it was banned by the U.S. government!)  Whenever investors receive bad news, they panic and start looking for gold bars and other precious metals to put their assets into.  A precious metals portfolio doesn’t have to be much (10% should cover it), and it is value that you will never lose, since you are converting paper money into solid and yet liquid assets.

For more information on gold investment, talk to a coin dealer in your area or online!