Education on a Hectic Schedule

Getting an online bachelors degree is a viable option for persons who wish to further their education but are faced with obstacles such as time, work or family commitments and geography.  Not only does an internet university offer a wide variety of courses so that you can obtain an online bachelors degree, for me it also offered a much more personalized school experience that I never found while attending a traditional college.  I am proud to say I am only six courses away from an online degree in business.  I am a mom to twin special needs toddlers as well as a small business owner, so the words "hectic schedule" doesn't begin to describe the lack of time for school in my life.  Also, the closest college to me geographically is sixty miles round trip, presenting even more of an intrusion in my hectic life.Getting an online bachelors degree seemed to be the only option for me and it was really easy to get started.  
      After I chose my online university, registered, and got my books, my next step was getting accustomed to the format demanded for my online coursework which gets handed in for grading.  It was inspiring to receive personalized feedback from my instructors as well as feedback from other students in my classes.  All guidelines for class discussions, homework and other assignments is clearly defined and if I had any questions they were answered in a timely fashion by the instructors.   Books required for my courses weren't any more costly than they are in a college bookstore, and I was often able to acquire them used via an online bookseller.   The books chosen by my school were all recent publications and were quite interesting. 
      For me, there was extreme convenience in getting an online degree.  Each course was five weeks long and I could work ahead if I chose to and hand in assignments earlier too.  My schoolwork got done while my twins were in school or asleep, and I cherish the time I didn't lose by having to make that sixty mile trip twice a week.  My biggest challenge was a math class but my instructor was very helpful in keeping me on track so that I could complete the course.  I don't think I would have ever furthered my education if an online bachelors degree weren't available.