Boost Client Loyalty with the Right IVR


The IVR is your opportunity to make a great first impression with your customers. When your client calls your company it is the IVR that usually greets him. First impressions tend to be lasting so you really must make sure your ivr development tool is easy to use yet powerful. This allows you to make sure that your clients have a fast and satisfying experience when they call your call center.

You can make your clients experience with the IVR enjoyable and fast by implementing voice activated commands. Of course, some people prefer to punch numbers into their phone so you should allow these type of commands too. The IVR business software you choose really does matter.

You can enhance your clients IVR experience and reduce incoming phone calls into your call center simply by implementing self-directed menus. To put it differently, encourage your clients to help themselves. Not all incoming phone calls need a live rep. Your customers would benefit by being able to check account balances, track shipments or determine the status of orders on their own. This allows your client to be serviced fast, and fewer calls enter the call center. Your reps are free to deal with more complex problems and make more sales.

Of course, some calls do need the assistance of a live agent. You can make this process seamless and fast for your client with voice command menus. Then, intelligent call routing sends the caller to the rep who will solve the client’s problem on the first attempt. As a result, the customer is serviced faster which increases customer loyalty, and call center reps are more productive.

It all starts with the IVR. If a live rep is needed intelligent call routing kicks in. Yet, merely satisfying clients is not enough. You must over deliver if you expect to be rewarded with their loyalty. You can accomplish this with screen pops. As intelligent call routing sends the call to the agent a screen pops up on the rep’s computer display containing the callers account information. This services the client faster which makes them happy, which means they are more likely to buy more of your products or services.

In the end, when clients call your business it all begins with the IVR. When you allow clients to help themselves with self-directed menus you lessen the call load in your call center, the customer is serviced faster, you increase client loyalty, and sales get a boost.