Best Window Coverings for Summer Light

As you pack away your sweaters and other cool weather clothing, it's time to adjust your window treatments, too. Just as you wouldn't wear a coat year round, summer prompts a transition into lighter window treatments that don't retain heat but allow the longer days' light to filter through.

If you have windows that are efficient in preventing heat transfer, a summery look for your windows will let in just the right amount of sunshine. 

Draperies for summer include filmy net or sturdy linen-like weaves. Medium-colored curtain panels with a white plastic backing will help prevent hot air from coming in. Close these curtains when you leave the room, and you save money on air conditioning. Medium tones for summer curtains include coral, turquoise, golden yellow or sea green. 

If you'd like a gauzier, ethereal look for summer, consider net or voile curtains with some added weight to keep them in place when those sultry breezes waft through your window. Beaded ties will add some weight, and buttons sewn directly onto the curtains will help keep things in place. Use no more than ten buttons or beads per curtain panel, as the delicate net or voile may not be able to support excess embellishments. 

Chintz curtains add a touch of Old World charm to your windows. The prints are so timeless, if you can't find chintz curtains, your local thrift store is likely to have chintz sheets that you can transform into curtains quickly. With the variety of chintz curtains available, however, selecting just one set will be your biggest challenge. 

Woven shades in natural wood tones provide the perfect balance of light and shade. Bamboo is a popular choice, but many shades of natural wood are available, and if you are looking for an unusual tone, many take stains beautifully. And woven shades are just one wood option. Faux wood  blinds add a touch of visual warmth while filtering light perfectly from dawn to dusk. Grass weave shades filter light in grid-like patterns, perfect for those who enjoy sleeping in. 

Honeycomb shades offer excellent insulation with a feather-light look, making it perfect for summer or any time of the year. Honeycomb shades are especially effective when placed close to the window panes, and are translucent, making use of natural light while protecting your privacy. 

If you love the look of your windows and your curtains equally, why not use curtains as decor? They can soften corners or conceal less appealing parts of the room. With enough curtains, you can turn your room into an exotic tent-like oasis of tranquility. 
Neutral-colored window treatments are a classic, but neutral doesn't have to mean boring. Give your window treatments a summery look by adding seashells to your blind pulls or tying back curtains with braided raffia. Layer curtains so you can choose your level of light filtering. Pair insulating curtains with net curtains to take advantage of energy savings while still keeping the look light and airy.

With the variety of window treatments available, creating a look that evokes the carefree days of summer is limited only by your imagination.