Best Ways to Show a Girl You Love Them

Since time immemorial, the first major goal of a man’s life has been to show his love to that special girl; there’s no reason why that should be any different with you! Of course, you probably have some idea that there are wrong ways to do it, and then there are right ways. The old adage “jewelry is woman’s best friend” isn’t a cherished mantra for no reason, after all. Whether you buy her a diamond necklace or tungsten rings, the point is to show her both thoughtfulness and expense – because, after all, what else would you be spending money on, if not on her? Here are a few ways to best express your love to the girl of your dreams.

  • Take her to dinner; make sure it’s on a date that has some significance, where maybe she doesn’t think you’ll remember. It need not be an anniversary, but could represent the first week you couldn’t be together because of an out-of-state job interview or something. As the waitress brings the glass of wine, you can unveil a matching set of tungsten rings and tickets to Hawaii you bought, and whisper the date of the special occurrence. The moment will be worth its weight in gold.
  • There’s bound to be something that she likes to do, but you don’t much care for. Maybe she has always wanted you to watch Grey’s Anatomy with her or something, and you would rather catch the Lakers-Heat game. You know what to do here; just be glad that watching a few episodes with her won’t cost you any more tungsten rings or white gold bracelet. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even like Grey’s.
  • This one definitely won’t win you any points with the guys; but then they’re not the ones you’re trying to impress. Take a day out to clean the house for once, if you live together. And then cook a great dinner, or order out and pretend like you cooked it by placing dishes in the sink. Most guys don’t do this, and it is a definite indicator of love.
  • As an alternative to dining out, spend an entire day and evening with her, doing the things she likes to do. Be attentive and engaged, which shouldn’t be difficult for true lovers. At the end of this day, make sure she’ll never forget it by unveiling a gift for the ages for your darling love, which can be anything from a set of diamond earrings to a ladies watch. Love can be expensive, but you of all people know that it repays priceless dividends.