A Job Assessment Test Is a Huge Benefit to Employers

Did you know that 70% of resumes have some form of fictitious information on them? While this is more the exception than the rule, with the scarcity of good jobs available, candidates are doing what they can to get ahead.

While this does not condone the behavior, it does leave recruiters in a bit of a precarious position when it comes to hiring methods. If we can’t trust the information provided on a resume, then what is an employer to do?

Well, there is a good solution that involves very little work on behalf of the employer. Many companies have taken to purchasing or hiring a third party to administer a job assessment test to all incoming applicants.

The purpose of a job assessment test is to determine how compatible a candidate is with the existing workforce and the corporate culture in general. Several things are tested, including problem solving ability, analytical thinking skills and morality.

Employers who utilize this essential tool report an increase in revenues, most likely due to the reduction in resources for recruitment purposes and re-hiring after a termination or resignation. Costs associated with a bad hire can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars depending on the position and urgency with which the job needs to be filled.

A job assessment test will be able to calculate whether or not an incumbent is able to handle the responsibilities that will be assigned to them in their intended position. It will also be a good, strong indicator for any potential incidents that might arise with an employee in the future.

The tests can tell you how well your HR department is functioning by giving you a clear outlook on how hiring decisions are made and whether or not the best candidate for the job is actually being selected based upon your criteria.

If you’ve decided to make the smart decision and employ a third party to administer a job assessment test, you should use it as a supplement to your existing selection criteria like the interview and subsequent reference checks. 

Selecting the right employee can mean the difference between a mediocre workplace and an incredible work environment. 

Wouldn’t you want your company to be somewhere where everyone wants to be? Don’t waste another second trying to judge candidates by a gut feeling. There’s no better way to filter through applicants then to incorporate assessments into your recruiting strategy.