Old Saybrook Community

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Old Saybrook is located right at the mouth of the Connecticut River. It is one of several tourist destinations in the New England area, and like the others, it has its share of beaches, high-class restaurants and marinas. Geographically, the town sees the meeting of the Connecticut River and the Long Island Sound estuary. There is 18.3 square miles of land in this town.

The town actually dates back to the 1600s, when it began as the Saybrook Plantation. Originally, Saybrook was started by a group of English Puritans. Ever since its establishment in 1854, the economy has prospered. Old Saybrook, CT information shows that Yale University was hosted for a time here, back when it was called the Collegiate School. Today, you can find beautiful beaches, marinas and vistas all over town. In fact, there are two public beaches and several town parks in the area. Other attractions include golf courses, a Memorial Day parade, boat shows, “summer pops” concerts and 36 different civic clubs and organizations.

What else can you say about Old Saybrook, CT? The educational system in place is regarded as one of the best in the state. Schools serving the town include Goodwin Elementary, Goodwin Middle School and Goodwin Senior High. There is also a parochial school in St. John's. All sorts of businesses are represented here, from doctors to attorneys to real estate and art galleries. Because of the land and the small community ambience, this is an excellent town in which to walk and bicycle. There are also many picturesque fields and lighthouses to enjoy when you take the scenic roads. Some of the homes of Old Saybrook date back to the 1700s.

This is a diverse town, but one that has not forgotten its rich history.