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Dave Liebman: soprano sax
Matt Vashlishan: reeds,EWI
Bobby Avey: keyboard
Alex Ritz: drums
Tony Marino: bass

Dave Liebman’s current group takes its cues from the younger generation of jazz musicians who have been schooled in conservatory and university settings. Lieb is continuing the time worn tradtion of master/apprentice as he experienced in the 1970’s being a member of groups lead by former Coltrane drummer Elvin Jones and the legendary Miles Davis. By reaching across generations, Lieb gains insight into the new directions that jazz has taken while offering these younger artists his experience and knowledge. “EXPANSIONS” features the up and coming pianist Bobby Avey, reedman Matt Vashlishan, drummer Alex Ritz while continuing his several decades relationship with bassist Tony Marino. Conceptually, the repertoire traverses elements of free jazz along with re-arrangements of standards all infused with the complex time signatures and harmonies being explored by the musicians of our time.

“Playing with heat, passion and fire but not bombast, these forward thinking jazzbos are sure to keep Liebman’s NEA Master of Jazz award shiny for many years to come.” - MIDWEST RECORD

“….but this is no look towards the past. EXPANSIONS exists in the present, pushing boundaries, toying with expectations and letting the spirit of the moment determine the course.” - ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“EXPANSION’S CD title is Sanskrit for the “repeating cycle of life, death and rebirth or reincarnation to which life in the material world is bound.” True to its title, Liebman and the group consistently reinvent themselves in a search for new ground to explore.” - NYC JAZZ RECORD

  • When: Sat Apr. 28
    8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

  • Address: 85 Lyme Street
    Old Lyme CT,US 06371

  • Web: Visit Website