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    Need Information About Old Saybrook, CT?Are you looking for Old Saybrook information for your vacation or perhaps even your relocation? This town is located right at the mouth of the Connecticut River. It is one of several tourist destinations in the New England area, and like the others, it has its share of beaches, high-class restaurants and marinas. Geographically, the town sees the me ... Read More

  • Old Saybrook Historic Sights

    Experience Old Saybrook with Help from the Historical SocietyOld Saybrook has a rich history dating back to the 1600s, when it was a new territory coveted by Dutch travelers, British settlers and Native Americans alike. To this day, there are 15 National Register sites in Old Saybrook. They include the Black Horse Tavern, the Elisha Bushnell House, the Connecticut Valley Railroad Roundhous ... Read More

  • Old Saybrook Restaurants

    What Is There to Eat Inside Old Saybrook, CT Restaurants?Old Saybrook, CT restaurants have a little something for everyone. From those kids craving pizza to those hardworking adults wanting a juicy steak and a glass of porter, everyone will find what they are after in Old Saybrook. Here is a list of 4 restaurant types found throughout town.1. Chinese FoodIf your hungry crowd is begging for ... Read More

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